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“Ïm going to sue you” Ray McBerry. Do not hurt his feelings or challenge him, otherwise he make idle threats of lawsuits

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In the research that I conducted there were many statements and allegations made about McBerry. Especially in politics, it is necessary to validate and separate allegations from the false statements. I found a reoccurring theme with McBerry: Do not challenge him, do not hurt his feelings, do not say anything he can not understand or that he disagrees with, or you will be subject to idle words that every immature brat likes to use “im going to sue you!” That is the American way, especially that of a conservative right?

He is persuasive, charismatic, and makes it easy to believe in him. He makes promises of being different, doing things differently, and makes you believe there is hope and change is possible. Sounds a lot like the false promises made by the current US president doesn’t it?

This makes it very easy to believe in what he is saying, particularly those who focus on one topic or another and fail to verify someone’s word. All of the women I spoke with that he victimized, worked with, or had conflict with all seem to have the same message. Sadly, many of these women are also living in a great deal of fear. The exceptions are the strong woman who pushed back or stood up to this bully and for those he has tried to hurt or intimidate in one way or another.

What message resounded very loudly was many women were taken advantage of and did not realize his intentions or his lack of basic political understanding- That is until you spend some time and really get to the meat of his issues and views. Those who worked in the campaign or have dealt with him personally, paint a story of control and insecurity. Essentially the alarming theme that emerged was; do not challenge McBerry or he will attack you.

What is interesting is his loyal supporters seem to have the same method for dealing with conflict. In my own experiences, statements about his speaking skills or vague statements that he is the best choice are often made. But, the majority of feedback I have gotten from his supporters, prior to this series, is simply attacks of anyone and any organization that is not providing to him what he feels he is entitled to or deserves.

I promised I would not use her name in this example and I am a man of my word. At one event a young lady approached the campaign manager and was visibly upset that McBerry was in attendance. The reason she provided, McBerry victimized her young daughters. I could fill up the page on many examples, but I will not. This woman was anxious and upset with just being in the same room with him. Oh, this was a fellow church member…

McBerry Attacks:

In response to Gandee’s interview with Fox 5, McBerry attacked her personally in a mockery of a sworn affidavit. That affidavit and the press release sent to the major newspapers can be found at:

My colleague at was in the process of the research on this candidate and went through the efforts to verify the allegations made. As it turns out, many of them have been false. His findings can be found at:

What is interesting in McBerry’s response to this interview with Fox5, he personally attacked Rachel and Chris Gandee with false statements about this couple.

And attached below is the sworn affidavit that Mr. Gandee created in response to these false accusations. Keep in mind, that a sworn affidavit it just that, a statement that is sworn and notarized by a certified Notary Public. Many people often think it is always an actual legal document used in a court proceeding. Often they are used in court cases and are considered testimony under the threat of perjury. These sworn statements in no way legally proves that the statements made are true but rather simply they were made and the signature is validated as the actual signer. Read the debunked article that Jeff wrote for more details. In short, the name alleged on the affidavit was in fact not involved in this mockery.

Keep in mind that McBerry chose to defend himself, and apparently in doing so did not state truthful statements. Consider that this was in response to Gandee’s interview with Fox5 Atlanta. This interview required her to come forward with a very embarrassing and painful story that she has dealt with for several years. Further, in addition to him defending his positions and the like, he chose to make it a campaign point in the form of a press release. This is from the same “man” that admitted to an “inappropriate relationship” with this person. In response to her coming forward he chose to personally attack her and her husband as well as brag about it to supporters! This is the same man that married a student when employed with Stone Mountain Christian Academy and also resigned after admitting to the inappropriate relationship with Gandee. Than he personally attacks her with a made up affidavit ? According to Chris Gandee’s statements, McBerry was not honest in what now seems as an attack against Ms. Gandee in retaliation.

However, it has been stated that the information placed in the “sworn affidavit” were full of false claims. .

In response to the Fox5 interview, McBerry responded publicly with a “sworn affidavit”, which can be found at This was than sent out to major media outlets with a subject line “Ray has been Vindicated”. Read this “affidavit” and you will discover it was a personal attack against Mr. and Mrs. Gandee in retaliation to her story. Further, the “affidavit” is nothing more than a sworn statement notarized by a registered Notary Public. As it turns out the entire document was full of primarily false statements.

In this “sworn affidavit” (that sounds so official doesn’t it), claims were made against Rachel and Chris Gandee and seem to focus on very private matters which were not an issue and certainly not politically related. Remember this came shortly after the Fox5 story aired. In her words, she still lives with a great deal of fear and psychological damage from this “inappropriate relationship”, which seems very much in line with Sarah’s summary.

Further, Mr. Gandee took out a sworn affidavit too which refutes all of the allegations made. In particular, the person in the affidavit as the “supervisor” is actually not his supervisor. The entire document is attached and called “gandee-aff.pdf”

Than, shortly after Jeff’s articles were public, he received a “cease and desist” letter from McBerry’s attorney. That can be found here:

Example number two of threats of legal action, or implied legal action against someone who says something McBerry doesn’t like. As a side note, the partner of this law firm is State Representative Billy Maddox.

In response to Jeff’s reporting, he attacked with a legal letter of intimidation

In response to the Young Republican female organizers of a candidate debate in April, he attacked with the following email:

In April, he began to attack another woman, Debbie Dooley, for his lack of an invitation to participate in a Gubernatorial debate. This was reported by me with my previous employers. Its interesting, all of the stories about McBerry have disappeared except for the “vindicated””story, interesting… Anyway, below is the text of that story:

Saturday, July 10th, witnessed at the Gwinnett GOP monthly breakfast, Debbie Doolie challenged McBerry. She pointed out to McBerry “The Tea Party does not indorse state wide candidates, how can you claim to be the Tea Party candidate for Governor?” McBerry responded “I may not be the choice for the liberal Debbie Doolie Tea Party, but I am THE Tea Party candidate for Governor.”

Debbie Doolie, Atlanta Tea Party co-founder, further told us “The tea party has not, nor will not, indorse any candidates for a state wide office. There are too many. I find it laughable, yet very wrong for him to accuse me or the Tea Party of being liberal.”

This is the latest report of Ray McBerry being unable to handle any criticism or challenging by the voters. He continually shows, in this behavior, of things being his way or no way. As we always encourage you to do, verify claims made by candidates and check out the individuals that are asking for your vote. We are hearing from people that issues and character matter, particularly with true conservative voters. Generally, when a candidate is continually show defensive or attacking behavior, it’s a smokescreen to hide inadequacies or other things they do not wish to be revealed to them.

This anger and slander towards the Tea Parts, and specifically Debiie Doolie, stems in part to not being included in the freedom works debates in April 2010. The organization decided that only the top four candidates were invited. This is exactly what today’s debate on Fox 5 gubernatorial have done. However, Ray McBerry and his supporters have not attacked Fox 5 or their debate organizers doing the exact same thing. In the days before the Freedom Works debate, McBerry and his supporters made vicious calls and sent nasty emails to Freedom Works and Debbie Doolie. However, “I was not the organizer for that debate. It was Julian hayden, the state Tea Party coordinator. McBerry refused to talk to Juliann and insisted upon talking only to her husband who was not involved in either organization.”

In closing, this is just another example of McBerry’s apparent issues with women, and those who don’t give him his way. He acts very much like a child.

Further, his group started their own tea party just to have the title of “tea party candidate”. More about that in another series.

What I really want to point out is that he refused to contact the female organizer, but rather called her husband instead. The point Dooley was trying to make is the use of the term “tea party candidate.” As you can easily find, the very tea parties that McBerry claims endorsed him, have in fact not. For example, in Gordon County, a retraction was asked of a local news paper :

A voter, Robert Adkerson, has questioned McBerry several times on his stands on state secession and his changing of his story on that topic. His response, besides avoiding the question, was to call him a “jackass”. See attached screen shot.

In our investigation, we found one overwhelming theme; woman seem to have a great deal of fear or are intimidated, which includes his ex-wife. Sadly, many of the stories that people have shared with me, I can not publish, even without their names, due to their fear of McBerry “getting them”. We will continue to work hard to encourage them to bring their story forward and perhaps lead to a road of healing. Some of the spin I have read recently is “they are afraid of McBerry because they know he will win!” Unfortunately, that is not the reason for the fear with these ladies I have talked to.


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Written by gaconservativevoter

January 3, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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