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“The only state’s right candidate”=code for “succession”

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After all that we have discussed about his personal life, fondness for young girls, immature attitude, lack of professionalism, control freak, and being an immature, thin-skinned little boy that can not take any criticism, lets discuss the only stand he really has relative to politics and government. A couple of interesting notes, he sexually harressed his former campaign manager and before she could resign after a confrontation to his advancements he not only fired her, but sent out immature notifications of how she was terminated from the campaign. Another lady was asked to be a chair for the anti-abortion clinic, Michelle, who has worked for a number of years with victims
– “States Right Candidate”, really is code for “The south is going to Rise”
– Up until sometime this year was the state chairman of the League of the South. This is an organization that is focussed on state secession. This URL, specifically indicate he is the current state chair. Officially by LOS, they have an interim chair.
– On July 10, at a candidate forum, the North Georgia Rapid Fire Barbeque, McBerry was asked this question, and in much the same manner as his double talk on channel 46 he replied with “ that is what everyone has been saying about me but it simply isnt true” and further explained the states needed to exercise the right of state.

§ In a video with “Sovereign Solutions”, found at (watch from minutes: 58:40-102:27 in particular) he stated:
“League of the South is the premier southern organization in America. We believe that we basically support a return to the bible and the Constitution in a constitutional republic.

“We don’t fool ourselves into thinking there is any hope for all 50 states in in returning to that, if they had a hope in the first place”

“the single best opportunity for a constitutional republic, if dixie leads the way in creating another southern republic, whether its called the confederate states of America or not is irrelevant.”

“The best opportunity for southern states to exercise self-determination and break away from the union”
– He was awarded the “Jefferson Davis Lifetime Achievement Award” by this organization
– He is the president of the Ray McBerry Enterprises, and a People Profile Search Revealed the following post:
Model Mayhem is the #1 portfolio website for professional models and photographers. … I am the president of Ray McBerry Enterprises, Inc. … [ ]

– Further research into revealed that nude pictures were allowed, which is interesting considering he claims to be a devout Christian man with strong family values. It is unclear whether he owned this site or was promoting himself as a photographer. His profile within the site has been removed, which seems to be quite common with many of this other information once available.

He was awarded a lifetime achievement award and one was given to his son as well in 2009. The primary issue on the above link is the reinstitution of the confederate flag to fly and represent this great state of Georgia. According to the Middlebury Institute’s Paper VI, published in 2007 states:

“An online petition recently posted on its website by the League of the South, one of the oldest secessionist groups, asks support for “the South’s right to secede from the current regime and form its own government.”  It had been signed by 2,259 people as of April 18″

The League of the South’s website is quite informative, but the actual site is not easy to locate. I will save you the trouble, it is When the research for this story began months ago, google searches easily led to finding the real site easily, not it directs to a different site all together. That’s a curious observation. In any case, statements on their main website can be found such as :

A Name and A Place Among the
Nations of the Earth
Secession talk is spreading like wildfire across the country. Polls tell us that support for the States reasserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment is higher than ever. Financial and political failure and ineptitude point up the invalidity of large nation-states and empires in the early 21st century.”

New Title Added To LS Merchandise!
Abraham Lincoln – The Southern View
by Lochlainn Seabrook
Most of what we know about Lincoln today has been invented by Northern folklorists, many who were, and are, enemies of the South. In fact, nearly every one of the 16,000 books that have been penned about Lincoln are by Northern writers and have been published by Northern publishers.Can we honestly expect to get a true and unbiased picture of who Lincoln really was from such works?

And for those of you with any doubt in your mind on the secession objectives of this organization, find this very informative tidbit:

Ten Reasons For Secession
What is behind the increasing support for secession and independence? A 2009 Zogby poll revealed that about one out of every five Americans believe that States have a right to peaceably secede from the United States. Perhaps the answer is this: hard reality has finally trumped the myth of a sacred, indivisible union…

From their FAQ section, the following is found:

Q: Does the LS advocate armed revolution or overthrow of the current US government?
A: No. We are not revolutionaries; therefore, we do not seek the overthrow of the US government. Rather, we seek, by peaceful and well-established legal and constitutional means, to separate ourselves from it. Recourse to the right of separation, or secession, is the very antithesis of armed revolution. Without it, men are not free. The right of secession is never more necessary than when it is denied.

Keep in mind, McBerry received a Jefferson-Davis Lifetime Achievement Award from this organization.


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January 3, 2011 at 10:43 pm

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