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The Real McBerry, Predator, Bully, and Secessionis

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My News paper tells me that McBerry is so insinifigant that he isnt worth the attention or coverage. I feel the young ladies who have been victimized by him, in fact, are. It is important to take a look at the actions, past and current, of an individuals to determine what type of person they are.

The following stories are just facts that I have gathered, and you can use your own judgement and form your own conclusion.


As the election season is heating up, it is important that you are familiar with not only the politics, the stand, and the issues of the candidate, but it is also equally important that you understand the character of the individual.  This series is about the life and behaviors of Ray McBerry, Gubernatorial candidate which will be his second attempt to win this nomination.

What this investigation has revealed is disturbing, to say the least. I have discovered a man that behaves as a child predator, has thorough knowledge of the US and state constitution, but lacks basic understanding of these documents and of how government works. Moreover, I have discovered a man that is socially inept, emotionally immature, can not handle confrontation or criticism. It is implied and directly stated by several that McBerry is quite controlling. This man is Ray McBerry.

You will also learn about a man from south Atlanta that refuses to salute the American flag because “which represents the present unconstitutional leviathan in Washington.” Ray McBerry

You will also read the interviews with former campaign workers, former wives, and those close to him. These stories show the same pattern: do not challenge McBerry. He will attack you personally and publically as well as lie about the facts. For the record, these interviews are largely with people with no interest in politics nor any ties.

How Did We Get Here

I first became curious with his refusal to make himself available for an interview with BestNews. While this is prima facie, the behaviors and responses from his campaign had a distinctive tone of self-preservation and dishonesty. I had a feeling that they were very controlled because they had something to hide. Many of you have heard me state numerous times that the behavior of a candidate during a campaign gives an indication of how they will, in this case, govern. Further, many of you have heard me state that the personality of the campaign often will mirror the personality of the administration if elected.

With the McBerry campaign, there never seemed to be any real answers on the difficulty of connecting and scheduling an interview. The excuses given included  “The liberal media is owned by the GOP” or “The GOP has it in for him because they are scared.” The most notable one was “…the media is so corrupt and trying to hurt Mr. McBerry.”  I was even told that “I just need to make sure you are not owned by them”. As a matter of fact, in one call I received from his campaign staff, I was asked  several times “Is this on the record.” This is a very curious question, considering I was explaining how we, at BestNews, operate and the protocol used. He even went as far to ask for me to send him the questions to review, prior to presenting to “Mr. McBerry” for approval. If you have been a reader for more than a minute you know that we do not prep our interviewees and that we ask the questions which they can choose to answer or chose not to answer. This Gubernatorial race has been very polite and well-mannered, for the most part, in this race. I have yet to hear a campaign worker refer to the candidate by their official salutation in scheduling an interview.

After the debacle with the FreedomWorks debate in April of this year (see linked article below), my curiosity got the better of me. In short, McBerry was not permitted to participate in this debate due to poll numbers. He and his supporters responded with very hateful messages to one individual. However, the woman responsible for the event was not the one to receive calls from McBerry, her husband was.

Fox5 had a debate with the same candidates on July 10, 2010, excluding the remainder of the candidates due to the poll numbers. To date, they have not reported receiving a flood of calls or hateful emails, nor have they been threatened with a law suit for excluding McBerry. The spin from the McBerry campaign was not as high, but did include some of the same spin of “this is controlled by the GOP- they are trying to keep the only qualified candidate from appearing before the people.” Keep in mind, he was excluded for the same reason as FreedomWorks, yet there was very little controversy . “It’s the poll numbers, stupid.” More about his confrontational behavior appears in another story.

The first story will be his issues with young girls. This will include not only the well published story broken recently by the AJC’s Jim Galloway,, and Fox5 Atlanta about Rachel Gandee, but also information gathered from other victims of McBerry. Most of you have indicated that you are tired of hearing the same story re-told so I assure you, this will reference Gandee, but Ms. Gandee has had enough, she wants peace and to continue her healing. This story is about McBerry so lets keep that in mind as we read this series.

Further, we will include inappropriate emails to a 13 year-old girl during the summer of 2009. These will include things such as statements such as:

Your kind words are almost enough to make me blush! You are a wonderful lady!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting to reply to your message. I have a ton of messages that are just sitting in my inbox unanswered; but, if it makes any difference, I picked yours to answer first! 🙂

I would love for you to come give our house a good cleaning, but I doubt that your mom and dad would let us take you away from your chores around there. Plus, TR and I would probably be so spoiled that we wouldnt give you back! 🙂

Hey, what a nice surprise to open my msgs and find one from you waiting for me! I’m like you… i love the mountains. The north Georgia mountains are very beautiful. I look forward to seeing your pictures… especially the ones with you all in them!

I have a LOT of events coming up… maybe you will be able to come to some of them that are close by. You’ll have to sit out in the audience and make faces at me to make me smile. lol No, just smile at me… that will be just fine. 🙂


In 10 years we have uncovered a disturbing pattern that is very closed to classic child predator behavior.

We will also reveal the dates of his first and second marriages, divorces, and his custody agreement. You may be surprised with where he met his first wife, including his professional relationship with her at the time. We will also provide evidence that shows he blatantly, and hatefully, refuses to follow the law, and has been in gross violation of the court’s order for nearly 5 years.

We will further examine the various law-suits he has threatened to various individuals, organizations, or has legally implied such. There have been 3 so far, in 2010 that have been brought to our attention. It makes one wonder why they must resort to attacks and threats of lawsuits. In particular the attack against Gandee after her story became public although, by his own admission, admitted to having an inappropriate relationship this young lady and sent a 7 page apology letter for such to her family. You will find this in story number 2.

Further, the threats to a young group of women with the Young Republicans for not inviting him to a forum. There is a pattern of intimidation when someone speaks against him, challenges him, or he does not get his way.

The fourth story in the series will focus on his years of works towards including endorsements and speeches promote State Secession. Some of the most significant quotes include:

“The single, best opportunity for a constitutional republic, if Dixie leads the way in creating another southern republic, whether its called the confederate states of America or not is irrelevant.” Ray McBerry

“The best opportunity for southern states is to exercise self-determination and break away from the union” Ray McBerry

Wait until you read some of his direct statements, videos, and the public information available about these organizations and their intent. You may be very surprised and double check your calendars.

From the evidence you can than decide if what you have been told by his campaign is true and most importantly, determine if this is the person is worthy of such a position of this fine state’s Governor’s office.

Stay tuned folks. These stories are factual with the supporting documentation and evidence.

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Written by gaconservativevoter

July 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm